Size Guide

Choosing a wedding outfit isn’t the same as purchasing online or even from a high street store. Your wedding outfit should fit you perfectly on your big day, and you shouldn’t rely on the standard dress sizes. We highly recommend referring to our guide to make sure your outfit is perfect.


To ensure that the closest fit possible we advise that you supply us with the following measurements which we compare to the relevant designer measurement chart and decide on the closest standard size. Your generic standard size 12, 14 etc on the high street may not bear any relevance to an Individual Designer measurement chart. Please use a tape measure and provide measurements in inches, it is always preferable and more accurate if you can get someone else to take the measurements rather than measure yourself. Please do not over tighten the tape measure as this may result in a fit tighter than expected.


1. Bust

Take the tape measure and wrap around the widest point of your back and keeping level with your nipple line. If you intend on wearing a bra under the outfit then please ensure you wear one when you are measured. If you have a particularly large ribcage please also provide us with your under bust measurement, again wrap tape measure around ribcage keeping level with under bust.

Bra size

Please advise us of bra size usually worn.

2. Waist

The waist measurement should be taken just under the bottom ribs at the naturally smallest point, not necessarily in line with the belly button. Please do not confuse your waist (which is quite high) with your Hip line (which is where a lot of modern fashions sit)

3. Hip

The hip measurement is a low hip measurement which includes the widest point of your upper thigh and bottom. Wrap the tape measure around this widest point. If you have any questions please call the shop as all of our staff are very familiar with the correct measurement guide.